Heavy Haul Trailers


Complete assembly of tires with rims (alloy/steel) for Heavy long haul trailers

245/70R19.5 16PR

265/70R19.5 18PR

285/70R19.5 18PR

435/50R19.5 20PR

9R22.5 14PR

10R22.5 16PR

11R22.5 16PR

11R24.5 16PR

285/75R24.5 16PR

255/70R22.5 16PR

275/70R22.5 16PR

295/75R22.5 16PR

385/65R22.5 18PR

385/65R22.5 20PR

425/65R22.5 20PR

445/65R22.5 20PR

445/50R22.5 20PR

455/40R22.5 20PR

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