Multistar tire (tyre) 400/60-15.5 10ply/14ply/16ply IMP-04

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Product Detiles
Tyre SizePatternTypePly RatingRim SizeUnloaded inflated Max. Load (kg)PressureSpeed
OD. x SW.
400/60-15.5IMP-04SUPERTL1013.00X15.5875X402mm22402.5bar40km.h 7752310260
400/60-15.5IMP-04SUPERTL1413.00X15.5875X402mm29003.6bar40km.h 775231026
400/60-15.5IMP-04SUPERTL1613.00X15.5875X402mm30754.5bar 40km.h 7752310266
400/60-15.5IMP-04SUPERTL1813.00X15.5875X402mm32504.5bar 40km.h 7752310268

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